We are more than that. We are life savers.

I can remember the very first time i took on the role of a “step-mother”. I was so excited because i had finally become what my children (step-children) needed, and that was a mother. You see, things had happened in my children’s life that no child should ever go through. As the years have gone by I  now believe with all of my heart and soul that God sent me to my children just to ease the load they had to bare. Now, don’t you dare think for a moment that this road was easy! Not on the contrary, this road I had to travel was one of rebellion, rejection, and oftentimes disappointment. But somehow through all of their hurt and pain I thanked God for allowing me to be in their lives. Oftentimes, the role of a “step-mother” is compared to someone who is wicked, mean and full of control, but i’m here to put a stamp of beauty on “step-mothers” and the role that a “step-mother” must wear. We ar kind, gentle, a bit protective, caring, with room enough to love even through the hardest of times. We’re great cooks, good friends (well after the children have become grown), great listeners, with the warmest hug that any needy soul would appreciate. We’re also stern but fair, and teaches with the wisdom that God has given her. “Step-mothers” of this caliber don’t dare mouth the word “step-children” to the public. She always refer to her inheritance of wedded bliss as her Children! All though we may have been labled less than wonderful, i am here to clear the air so to speak ,and let the world know that “step-mothers”  are more than that! We are life savers.


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