There’s no Sorrow to God’s Blessings

butterflyAs I was driving down the street, I sighed when I passed the now closed Pizza Hut that my husband and I went to on the day I found out I was pregnant. I can remember the excitement we felt and the anticipation of the next eight-months to come. While we celebrated over pizza and pop all of a sudden the horrible memory of past miscarriages begin to still our joy and the moment of celebration turned into doubt, fear, and depression. All of a sudden the pains of the past had tarnished our hope for the future. In that bitter/sweet moment, I could hear the Holy Spirit gently say “That’s just how my children are. They go through so many trials, and disappointments that when I start pouring out blessings they are too afraid to receive them”. As the spirit spoke, I reflected on how I had become a bit hesitant to receive God’s blessings because of the painful past and the troubles ahead. In times such as this a constant renewal in the spirit will remind us of God’s love and protection for us. It is important that we understand that our Blessings are not curses but our reward for enduring the painful and oftentimes devastating waves of life. We need not be afraid of the terror by night, nor for the arrow that flies by day; for God will protect and keep us when we are faced with the trials and storms on this road that we call life.

The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it. Proverbs 10:22


Set the Atmosphere

butterflyHave you ever walked into a room and there was total chaos and confusion? What did you say? Or better yet, how did you react? When there is chaos in the atmosphere you have the power to diffuse it. When there is chaos in your life, you have the power to tame it by speaking to it and making it obey. When storm clouds arise you have the power to change the direction of the wind. Women of God, you have been empowered to release a calm in the midst of chaos, speak peace where there is trouble and release a war cry in times of warfare. Even though the Bible tells us that we will have trials and tribulations, you need not fear for God has overcome them all (John 16:33). Now if God is victorious over our situations then that makes you victorious as well! Don’t spend another minute worrying when you have a God that will fight your battles and has unleashed a power within you to calm the raging sea.

Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways. Job 22:28

The Cover-Up

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As women, we love to shop for shoes, clothing, and make-up, not to mention the latest trend….hair! We get so caught up in our appearance and the material things that we have forgotten to tend to our emotional soul and dying spirit. A spirit that is dying is usually depressed, angry, sinful, unsatisfied, unashamed (of their actions or words) and without restraint. So to make sure that the world doesn’t see past the beauty and fashion, more luxury and self-gratification is applied which then turns into what Jesus calls “whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean (Matthew 23:27).” Ladies, looking beautiful is what we do, but if we don’t allow God to wash us (cleanse us) and make us whole (heal us) then we are just beautiful women with a dead spirit and a decomposed soul.

but she who is self-indulgent is dead even while she lives. 1Timothy 5:6 (ESV)

Its Yours for the Asking.

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When a child asks for something they always ask with the mindset of receiving what they have asked for, and if the answer is no then they continue to ask until the person gives in and the child receives what they want. Just like that child we should go to God with the expectation of him giving us exactly what we have asked for and if we don’t get what we have asked for then we should always trust God to give us better. The key to receiving is believing. The key to believing is trusting. We should trust God when things don’t look good, we should believe God when things are at its worst. Prayer with expectation tells God that you have come to him empty but with arms open ready to receive. Prayer is the door to expectation while faith is the key that releases break through.

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.
Mark 11:24 ESV

The Fight to the Finish

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Most fights involve two people whose anger has gotten the best of them, they either say words that are hurtful or use bodily harm that endangers them. Bodily harm brings about unnecessary forces while hurtful words destroys emotions and the willingness to forgive. Although a hurtful word may go further than a punch, we have a Savior and Advocate that will protect us and fight for us during times of turmoil and chaos. No longer do we have to waste our time shouting frivolous words and using acts of violence, all we have to do is take our concerns to the Father and watch him win the war, speak a calmness into our soul and give us a peace that is hard to understand.

Exodus 14:14 – The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace


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Linda was a kind and gentle woman. The type of woman that stopped on dark roads to assist a stranger whose car had broken down, the kind of woman that would pay for someone’s groceries if they fell short of money, she was a God fearing woman, yes she was, but Linda had a darkeness that surrounded her soul, a darkness that silenced her laughter, and a darkness that plagued her joy.

Linda was also a woman of beauty and style.She could make A thrift store dress look like it came from Macy’s. Linda didn’t sew nor did she design, but the essence of her soul as dark as it was gave a sudden radiance that lit up the darkest room. It’s called pretending you know. Linda did that very well. Was she a fake? Oh no, not at the least. Was she phoney? Not one bit. Lind just learned how to maneuver around her pain so life looked simplistic and perfect in the eyes of a stranger. She didn’t fool us. We would watch her cry in the late night hours in hopes that a gentle hand or a loving touch would come down from the sky with a voice of security reassuring her that everything would be alright.

Her life wasn’t really that bad off as she thougt it to be. She is a wonderful mother, a swell cook, and her husband (the engineer) is to die for. Was he a unfaithful? No. Was he an abuser? No. Karl came home everyday at 6:00pm just in time to have dinner with his family and spend the rest of his evening staring into those big beautiful light brown eyes of his favorite girl Mrs. Linda Chapman.

As we continued to watch, we began to feel a bit saddened of what had become of this beautiful earthly vessel and so we inquired about her and found that she too as most women had lost herself in the raising of her children, tending to the needs of others and making sure Mr. Chapmen recieved the best of care, after all she hasn’t worked since the birth of her younget son, and that was over 17yrs ago. While the research continued we had been informed that this is the time in Linda’s life that she would feel alone, useless and forgotten; after all Christopher Chapman was headed off to the University of South Carolina in two weeks so she had just a short amount of time to sort out her life and figure out where to go from there.

Would she work? Who would hire Her? Would she go back to school? It had been over 20yrs since she even attempted to open a text book and besides she only had five more classes to go before she would graduate with her Masters in Psychology; But that had to be put on hold so that she could help raise the children and be the wife that she felt she needed to be.

We get it now. She’s lonely and she’s afraid of the future. We know she loves God because we here her pray every morning, every night, and oftentimes during the day. Her Bibles are all worn out from the late night studies and the weekly Bible studies that allow her some type of freedom from being couped up in that small but tidy apartment all day.

Aha! We got it! It isn’t that she doesn’t love God, or doesn’t trust Him, somewhere,somehow she lost a part of her and pieces of her faith have floated off with it. We can’t take it any longer. It’s time to be about our Father’s business and go fulfill the assignment that God has sent us to do.

As we begin to surround Linda and minster to her, droppings of peace fell from our wings and covered her until her tears tried up. As she got up off the floor our feet guided her to the bedroom and layed her tired worn soul down so that God could continue to speak to us concerning her.

This was six years ago. Linda’s doing fine now, but every now and again we like to check on the people that almost didn’t make it and rejoice over the fact that they did. It was so amazing to see God bottle up their tears and send (us) his ministering angels to revive their spirits, and protect them from the hand of the wicked one.

Author: Alicia Neal