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Moments of Devotion


There is nothing like good fruit. Good fruit harmonizes with the senses and produces a euphoria that sends one searching for that same satisfying taste. In order to produce good fruit one must first plant their seed in fertile ground. Second the fruit must be watered and protected from the cold so that the harvest won’t be destroyed. Third, we must remove the clutter and debris that may cause harm to the fruit. In essence, we also must take care of the spiritual fruit in our lives. Spiritual fruit has to be planted in the spirit of the believer and cultivated so that it can grow and produce a harvest that will bless the lives of others. A bearer of good fruit will show kindness when kindness is not shown. A bearer of good fruit has peace in the midst of turmoil and patience when anxiety is all around. A bearer of good fruit will remain humble when there is a chance to boast. A bearer of good fruit will love because God said so. Take some time today to examine your fruit. If your fruit is good then share it with the world. If your fruit is bad then it is time reconnect with the vinedresser (God) and allow him to prune away the dead areas in your life so that your spirit man can be revived and you can bear good fruit.

Either make the tree good, and his fruit good; or else make the tree corrupt, and his fruit corrupt: for the tree is known by his fruit. Matthew 12:33


Delayed, but not Denied….Luke 1:5-25

ladies bible studyElizabeth, was a woman who was righteous in the eyesight of God. Although God was well pleased with Elizabeth she was experiencing an emptiness and a longing that only God could fulfill. What Elizabeth experienced was something that was shunned upon in the biblical times and that was being a barren woman. Zechariah, her husband who was also righteous in the eyesight of God had been praying for his wife Elizabeth to have a son. Even though his prayers were not answered immediately God heard the cries of his faithful servant and granted Zechariah what he longed for.

What is so amazing about this story is that when God blessed Elizabeth with a son, he wasn’t just an ordinary son, he was John the Baptist who would prepare the way for Jesus Christ. John was anointed to spread the good news of the Messiah and Baptize the Messiah to spiritually prepare him for the work that was ahead of him. God allowed for Elizabeth to be barren for years even into her old age because he had a plan for her life.

Never think that you are too old and that your life is over. Just when you think it’s over God will step in and show himself faithful every time. Just like Elizabeth, God has a plan for you. You may not see it or think that it will ever happen but God has that perfect moment when the manifestation of his glory will show up and change the mind of the doubter and speak salvation to the unbeliever. Your blessing (s) may be on hold but your prayers and thanksgiving should remain faithful even when it seems as though God isn’t.